Supporting the Academic Community
Through the Bentley Institute, you can take advantage of a variety of tools and resources in the Academic Program. We are committed to helping prepare students for tomorrow’s infrastructure workforce, so you can learn the same powerful applications that are in use by infrastructure professionals today. The STUDENTserver provides you with a variety of academic resources. Register today and gain access to free software licenses, online learning, community forums, and more. We are committed to helping you succeed. 

Student Ambassadors

The Bentley Student Ambassador program is designed to bridge the chasm between academic learning and industry by creating a global network of student ambassadors who will act as a link between Bentley Systems and their campus. This network will allow students of institutions across the world to interact with each other and exchange ideas and notes on the use of engineering software.

The Bentley Student Ambassador is chosen and nominated by the management of the education institution. This ambassador will be trained by Bentley colleagues and will be an additional resource for students and educators in search of a subject matter expert. They will lead learning activities and projects that encourage the use of infrastructure technology in a fun and creative way.


Bentley’s Academic team is committed to ensuring educators have access to the most current engineering software and best practices for applications in this ever-changing industry. The Academic content is created by product experts in consultation with eminent scholars, professors, and professionals in the industry. By participating, educators can ensure that the learning materials are contextual to the curriculum. Educators can also participate in events conducted by Bentley on the college campus. 

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